Tokyo and Mount Fuji

For our trip to Japan I decided to record the days events using Haikus.  Here’s a few: Late wake up, pizza palace, blossoms, nude hot tub great first day Japan   fuji shinjuku metro express local trains travelling all day

Sand Driving Training for Leah

The Anderson’s were kind enough to watch the boys for the day while Leah and I went to the desert for sand driving training.  It was a bit hot but it was a fun day of meeting new people and allowing Leah to get some exposure to sand driving.

My Parents Visit and Beach Camping Pictures

My parents came for a visit for a bout a week in January.  They stayed for about a week before moving on, it was a chill week with trips to Wadi Kabir for Jeep stuff, international market day at PDO School and family time at home.  The next weekend we went camping on Finns beach…