Wahiba Challenge Scouting Day

Tone, John and I went to the Wahiba and crossed from the planned 2018 Wahiba Challenge start point to the mid-point.  The beginning of the day was quite challenging with soft sand and a few sand mountains but later in the day we got into a groove and manged to finish before 4:00. 

Stuff I saw this Summer

A cross stitched “Night Watchman” in the hall at your Grandmother’s apartment building!  When you travel you see lots of things you aren’t expecting; sometimes you are offended, sometimes you laugh, sometimes you think it is cool and sometimes you wonder “what the heck.”  Here are a few of the things I saw this summer…

Back to Alberta

Last time we went to Canada before we hit Europe, this time we decided to hit Europe first because east to west jetlag seems easier to over come.  We stayed at Winkel Acres for most of our time with several trips to Gull Lake too.

Füssen – Picture Post

After Prague we took a train back to Munich, switched to a car and then drove south to Füssen to stay on the shore of Forggensee Lake.  The hotel had a sauna which we enjoyed nearly everyday followed by a mountain water plunge in the lake and then a re-warm up in the sauna.


Then we took a train to Prague, Czech Republic which is in my opinion is an older, more tired version of Munich.  You can tell the country has less money than other European countries, but it has great history and Old Prague is cool to explore either on foot, tram or in the back of…