12 Months and Counting

In 12 months we intend to be living on a sailboat somewhere in the Caribbean!!

This blog is about keeping our family posted on our adventures and to use as a diary for our travels. So how did I get here?

It all started in 2004, when during some downtime at work I discovered the website Bumfuzzle.com. For the uninitiated the Bumfuzzle’s are a couple who over beer and pizza decided to quit their jobs and sail around the world instead of moving to the suburbs and having kids. They are equally admired and villianized by the greater cruising community for their relaxed attitude toward sailing and desire to do things their own way – generally against the grain of the much more conservative cruising community. Since they planted the seed, sailing off into the sunset has been an attainable dream as opposed to something beyond the realm of possibility. The fact that they continue to live the life of cruisers whether they travel by land or sea and share their lives via the internet has continued to reinforce the idea that we could go cruising too.

Fast forward to 2011, still dreaming about the idea of going sailing and then we had Ethan. I was travelling to Calgary nearly every week and not really happy about it, work wasn’t that engaging or exciting and I was deathly afraid of doing the same thing for the next 22 years until retirement. Ethan’s birth and how quickly James and Matthew were growing up galvanized my resolve to live life more on purpose. My purpose would be not to collect things but experiences and put as much energy as possible into raising kids that would grow-up successful and spending time with my best friend Leah.

This started with evaluating where we lived which resulted in moving from an acreage into town. I started to more actively to research what it would take to go cruising, including way to many “yachtworld.com” sessions. A trip to the Vancouver boat show where we met several former and current cruisers helped to resolve some of our doubts about going. We don’t have everything figured out, but we are on the path toward making a change in life.

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