The Hardest Part of Leaving

A few weeks ago I was travelling for work for 11 days through Norway and Iceland. During this trip we talked a lot about the plant that I am helping build and want it will be like to complete and start-up. Some of the people who were on the trip are the ones that will be starting the plant. Leaving them, the opportunity to watch the plant come together and the opportunity associated with completing that work will not be as easy I would have imagined before the trip. Turns out that I have more personal investment into my work than I thought!

Leaving work however, will be a lot easier than leaving my extra curricular life. Three days after getting back from Europe I went with my brothers (I have three now ā€“ congrats Karen and Doug) and my Dad to Pinetrails Getaway. We spent the weekend burning wood and coal, eating awesome food, playing games and hanging out. On the way home the idea for this post came to me. Leaving for at least a year from family, friends, completing the project and some of the stuff we own will not be easy.

Nearly every sailing blog and book I’ve read says that the hardest part about cruising is actually leaving to do it. For me, the desire to explore the world both personally, with Leah and through the eyes of my children are much stronger than my desire to stay and continue in the drift.

I think all big important decisions are bittersweet…

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