Much “To Do” About Nothing?

 I love me a list. I like to make to-do lists. I like to put “make a to do list” at the top of the paper so I can cross it off first thing! I am all about lists and I lay awake at night mentally checking things off and trying to remember things to do. I am living with lists these days. We have a spread sheet list with dates on it and a count down until we leave. Richard may have touched on this earlier but I am going to talk about it again. There is a lot to do to get ready to go cruising. And its all in the details!

We are planning to rent out our house so I have been busy spring-cleaning, purging and organizing to get this place ready for house showings for potential renters. Linen closets need to be scaled back, my neat piles of GoodWill donations need to be delivered and every surface needs to be dusted! We also need to make decisions on furniture that we are keeping, selling or donating and trying to streamline our home. The boy’s toys need to be scaled back – we own too much Lego! Some items are going to be stored by family so that needs to be gone through and organized. Clothes and other things that will be obsolete by the time we get back are going to be donated. Kijiji items need to be photographed, posted and replied to and on top of all that, I still have heaps of my family’s laundry to wash, baking for boy’s lunches, suppers to plan and make and a family to take care of. I don’t tell you these things to complain, just to let you know it’s all in the details!

People may think that cruising is like a year long vacation where we can sit in the sun and eat great food and read a lot of books. Cruising is living your life on a boat (and we happen to be in the tropics!). There is still laundry to fold, suppers to make and school work to do. After all the work and planning that we are currently doing to get ready to go cruising, I may need a true vacation! Hawaii in December, here we come!


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