The Hardest Part of Leaving…

is saying good-bye. 

This post is dedicated to my best friend, Lois Ann. 

So, my very best friend in the whole wide world had a baby a week and half ago. She really wanted me to come for a visit before we left the country, and I did really want to come for a visit, but I didn’t think we could make it work. The boys are in school, finding child care is not always easy and we are busy living our lives and getting ready to leave in December. But Richard was off this past Friday and he said, go. If I was going to travel to Fort McMurray to see my best friend, this was the only weekend that was going to work, so I booked a flight on Airmiles and left Thursday night. It turns out that Thursday was Lois Ann’s birthday as well, so it was perfect timing!

Now, my boys do not make it easy to leave. Even when I leave the house for evening worship practice or a meeting at church, there is a lot of upheaval that happens. James is my sensitive soul and he balks the most at the thought of mom leaving for an evening, let alone an entire weekend! Matthew is a little better and doesn’t always cry and Ethan is the easiest. He waves and says, “Bye, Mom!” So Thursday afternoon already, there were tears and some whining and they were generally upset at the thought of me leaving, but I went. After a few dozen hugs and kisses, our little “I heart u 2” from the bedroom window, I drove myself to the airport and flew out Thursday evening. 

Well, Lois Ann and I can pick up where we left off and we spent the next couple of days, chatting, eating great food which was provided by family and friends, and making cards which is one my favorite things to do! I also got to meet her beautiful new daughter, Millie Leah Elizabeth (yes, they named the baby after me!). I got to snuggle and cuddle with a newborn for three whole days which is another one of my favorite things to do! We had a great weekend and when it was time for us to head to the airport on Sunday night, saying good bye was difficult. We were both crying and Lois Ann ended up staying home with Millie, instead of taking me to the airport, which was maybe a blessing in disguise (her husband and young son took me). When I gave her a long hug, I thought about the next time I would see her and her family. Millie would have celebrated a birthday! She would no longer be a newborn infant with silky dark hair, she would be a one year old!

A year is a long time to be away. My cute little newborn nephew will not be a little newborn when we come back, he will be over a year old! We will miss out on milestones, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and seeing our nieces and nephews grow up! I think that will be the hardest part of leaving…saying good bye to our family and friends and missing out on a year of their lives.

I am also a little concerned that others will forget about us; out of sight, out of mind? Please don’t forget about us! Keep in touch! Keep leaving comments on our blog and commenting on Facebook. You will all be in our thoughts and prayers! We love you! 


3 thoughts on “The Hardest Part of Leaving…

  1. You most certainly will not be forgotten my dears. Not only because you’re family – wonderful people and we love you, but also because we will be with you on your journey – waiting for every post and update we can get our hands on!!! We will be experiencing new and exciting adventures through your words and from this we will also be changed. We count on you to keep us up to date and we will count the days till we meet again!!! But let’s not say good-bye quite yet.. we still a few more weeks to enjoy each other.
    No worries – you will not be forgotten!!! Love you!!

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