Better than a house fire

Leah and I bought most of our house stuff in the first few years after we got married.  Since then we have not bought much and to be blunt I am getting tired of it.  I used to joke that I wouldn’t mind a house fire beyond loosing some of our pictures and a few key possessions because then we could start over and get all new stuff.  Not that I am making light of people who lose their homes to fire and the reality is I never want to go through it but “free” new stuff would also be nice.

Over the last few months we have been trying to find renters for our house and last weekend signed a lease with a couple from BC.  The best part of the whole thing is that they will take the house furnished, which means we don’t have to move any of our furniture into the basement or out of the house and pay for storage.  It can all stay exactly where it is!  In addition all of our house stuff such as the dishes, lawn maintenance tools, snow shovels and a hundred other items that we were going to have to store or toss now stay at the house.

In December after I get back from Tampa all we have to do is pack up the personal items that are staying in the house and put them under the stairs.  The rest of the stuff will stay in the house and the best part is we will get paid to have it there, partly in increased rent and partly because we will not have to pay to store them – that is way better than a house fire!

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