Oahu – Another week in Paradise

Charlene, Kevin, Emil, Dad and I went to the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor which also includes a WW2 submarine which you can walk through, the battleship Missouri and a air museum too.  It was a great day, the highlights for me were the deck of the Missouri and watching through the submarine.


Engine room of the sub

The whole time we were there I was amazed at what they had built almost 60 years ago and also saddened by the amount of human effort that has and is wasted on war and the weapons of war.  If only we could get over our greed we have way fewer problems in the world and more resources to solve those problems instead of bullets… which are only good for one thing.


On the bow of the Missouri


R2D2, Char and Emil


Stern of the battleship


Kev on Missouri

It was a powerful day.

On a completely different note we went to Waimea Valley and a leisurely hike through a rain forest up to Waimea falls where you can swim.  Even though the hike was paved and pretty easy Leah and I were both ready for a swim.  The water was cold which was good  and the they made you wear a life jacket if you went in.  Initially, I chafed at the idea of wearing a life jacket but was glad I had it once I was in the water because it extended the swim and provided just the right amount of insulation when in the water.  The only downer with the hike was how sharp the rocks were getting in and out of the water and James was in a funk the whole walk up and down the valley.  Very frustrating.




Kevin peaking through a hole in the traditional structures roof


The canopy in the Waimea Valley


Falls at the top of the valley hike

Last time we were here we took family pictures on the beach and they turned out great.  Family pictures is always a challenge with our family, and likely most other families, with 15 people to organize, camera timers or remotes and more than one reluctant subject.  This was the best of the about twenty shots…. retakes have been ordered.


The family with pipeline house in the background


Leah in the wind



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