Homeschooling Growing Pains

So, I am not sure how many of you have attempted homeschooling, but our first week sucked!

I know I am not a patient person in some regards.  I get an idea in my head about how things should go and I like things to be a certain way and to be done in a particular way (think, my way or the highway!).  I was also a teacher for four years so I know how to think about a lesson and teach it.  I also expect kids to act a certain way as they should have respect for their teacher/elders.  Well, let me tell you.  I heard more complaining, saw more eye rolling and witnessed more lazy behavior (think, tired hands and feet on the table and all manner of laziness) in the two hours that we attempted to have homeschooling, than I have ever seen.  Okay, maybe when we broke the news to the boys that they were relegated to our dishwashers, there was a bit of that too.

School time...yeah!

School time…yeah!

I tried to explain that we only have to do two hours, but most kids are at school for 6 and 1/2 or more hours everyday!  I tried to explain that our classroom won’t always be really quiet or run like a regular schoolroom as sometimes Daddy will be working on boat stuff and Mommy will have to teach one child while the other works independently.  I tried to explain that we will still have snack time and a break.  I tried to tell them that going swimming everyday at the pool (while we are at the marina), playing on your scooters, even walking to use the bathroom are part of our physical education program, so that we still have gym time!  And I don’t know how many times I asked, “Is this how you talk to your teacher at school?” and “Is this how you worked when you were at school?”  The answer was always a shocked, “No!”  Throw in a toddler who only wants to play cards and color and get into everything that the big boys are doing and… AHHHHHH!!!!!

He's cute...right?

Hello, my name is Trouble!

I don’t want schooling to be about rewards and punishment as this is part of their job as a kid, but I am coming close to hovering things over their heads to get some results.  I must say that this morning’s lesson went great.  We each drew a map of Florida and labeled where we bought the boat, stayed at certain marinas and the few places we anchored out.  The boys seemed to enjoy it.  Maybe we just have to break up the monotony of doing math for an hour and language arts for an hour every day as those are the two areas we are really focusing on.  But I am truly paranoid that they will fall behind.


Math time.

Math time.

Everyone I talk to is telling me that it takes time and you have to find your rhythm, blah, blah, blah but, again I am not patient enough for that to happen on its own.  I guess I can only do the best I can and expect the boys to do their best as well.


P.S.  Be sure to check in in a few weeks time to get an update on homeschooling and how much Our Schedule has changed!

5 thoughts on “Homeschooling Growing Pains

  1. In the end they will learn what they need to and much more than most kids will ever get to in their lifetimes, just by being on that journey. That being said I can’t imagine homeschooling is easy. I still look back in amazement that my mom managed to homeschool myself and my brother for many years without her head exploding lol! I don’t know if you will “find your rhythm”, but I do have evidence that it can be survived. :)

  2. They will not fall behind, Leah! All of the new learning that is happening every minute of your day is growing brain cells!
    P.S. Are the kids doing journals? That can be a lot of the LA time.

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