Treasures from the Bilge

Every morning Leah and I listen to the local cruisers net.  This is a radio show where the cruisers in the area will discuss weather, share stories about recent experiences, announce new arrivals or departures, solicit information about the port, request assistance from other cruisers and sell or trade extra items that the don’t need.  The last section is sometimes called treasures from the bilge.  We have heard outboards, golf cart extra batteries, a sextant, spare inclinometers, an 8 year old boy with a bad attitude 😉 maps and cruising guides.  We recently made use of this service too, guess what we got rid of.


9 thoughts on “Treasures from the Bilge

  1. We actually had a trade for the 8 year old. Someone was willing to take him off of our hands! Celebration, our friend boat piped up that she would take James for a trade.

  2. We sold our paddle boards to a couple that run a charter on a catamaran. Paddle boarding is the new kayaking! This couple currently have 6 French Canadians on board and only two inflatable paddle boards. Worked out well for everyone! It was the first night in over 3 months where we did not hear them creaking and groaning all night from the wind howling around them!

    • It turns out that between keeping the boat in ship shape (not that ours is), functional, exploring our surroundings and keeping up with friends, school and the weather all prevented us from using the paddleboards. Also the current and winds here are crazy strong, both of which are not the most conducive to beginner paddleboarding. In Hawaii, when we rented paddleboards; no kids for the afternoon, flat tidal stream with no wind or current and we loved them. Not the same in the Bahamas with kids.

  3. Ah, I see. Hadn’t thought about current and wind. We tried paddleboards in Australia but like your experience, it was a totally flat water, wind free and current free day. I really enjoyed it – great for balance. (which deteriorates as you get older, for your information!)

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