Black Point Picture Post


Some more pictures from Black Settlement.  The title picture is of the green flash which can occur during a sunset on the ocean.

Gaye had called it… she called over at supper time with the observation that the conditions were conducive to seeing a green flash.  The green flash varies in shape and strength but usually occurs on a clear night with settled seas just as the sun drops below the horizon.  We sat in the cockpit with the binoculars and watched the sunset, for less than a second the horizon flashed green and you could hear people exclaiming all through the anchorage at the sight.





Drinking pop at the school benefit.


Bill and Phyllis from Oh My also took in the BBQ. Bill filled up on fries so I got his cheeseburger… second lunch!!


Wayne reeling in our only bite. Does sticking out your tongue make reeling in fish easier?


Bahamian racing sloop.


Slaughterer. Retired


According to our taxi driver, in the Bahamas people will build in phases, building until the money runs out, then working until they have enough money to continue. This one might have been left too long between phases.


Chasing Seagulls


We brought way to many trains for the space we have on the boat, but where there is a will there is a way.


Water hauling in Pup-Pup. Notice the two headed monster in the bow; James and Matty shared Mom`s coat for splash protection back to Viatori.

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    • There is very fine line between brown and red… we are almost always on that line. Don’t really need sunscreen anymore though, except on travel days when one side of you spends all day in the sun… like today – ouch!

  1. next to our resort in PV was a hotel that was started and left also, we called it the Ghost Hotel, looked just the one you saw, old and black though, maybe ran out of $!!

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