Baconao Valley Picture Post

We headed to the Baconao Valley which had bunch of really cool attractions in it. Unfortunately a significant number of them were damaged 18 months ago by hurricane Sandy and haven’t been repaired. We went to a car museum which has a whole bunch of old car which they let you climb into and touch including a Model T. Their is also a 2500 scale cars but the building they are in is closed due to hurricane damage.

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Next on the road is a animal museum called XXXX which has dinosars and other prehistoric anumals in concrete. The best is the chimp men who kind of look like the cast from the planet of the apes or the cave men killing a mamoth. This is a broad interprepation of what these animals looked like and what may have happened. Extremely entertaining.

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Last stop was the Aquarium which was very disappointing and quite expensive. The chief attraction is a underwater walkway through a coral reef which was broken by the huricane. The dolphin show was okay though. They had 6 dolphins there 4 of which were in mini tanks which would never exist in Canada a little sad especially after swimming with wild dolphins.

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