Jamesie Turns Nine: Lego, Pizza and Potter

James had a few requests for his actual birthday.

 It landed on a Monday so he asked if we could skip school that day.  Sure, no problem.  He also wanted us to have a Lego building competition where he could pick the theme and tell us what to build.  The theme was the card game Dominion – Awesome!  Then he wanted to eat Dad’s homemade pizza and watch Harry Potter.  Absolutely!  So, that is what we did.  We had a nice day, went to the park, played Lego, and then had dinner and a movie.



James’ Bank


Leah’s Kings Court


Matthew’s Embargo

Richard's Watch Tower

Richard’s Watchtower

Pizza and Potter!

Pizza and Potter!

Our plan had been to cross Lake Okeechobee with our friends, but our plans changed because our boat couldn’t get tipped to get under a bridge.  The boys were pretty devastated, so we decided to just drive up to where our friends were staying and have a sleepover, hang out, open presents and have cake.

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James delayed his actual birthday party in order for us to celebrate with our friends from Celebration, Wayne and Gaye.  We had a great couple of days with them, James and Matthew got to watch movies and have a sleepover on their boat and it was nice to see our friends again.

James and Wayne's awesome varnish job - Well done!

James and Wayne’s awesome varnish job – Well done!

Wayne, Gaye and the Viatorians

The Celebrants and the Viatorians

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  1. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear…….I never hit that high note. You really don’t want to hear the rest

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