Trying to get Some Answers!

So, the beginning of March has come and gone and we are still waiting to get some answers. At this point, even a firm and definite no or a denial of our visas would be an answer to prayer, because at least we could move forward and make some concrete decisions as to what we are going to do in the future weeks and months.  But for now, we are living in limbo land, not even getting replies to inquiries via e-mail as to our status and visas.

This is what we do know:

1.  We have sent in all the appropriate paperwork and filled in all the necessary forms, ie, copies of our passports, photos, birth certificates, marriage certificate and a copy of Richard’s degree from the University of Alberta.

2.  All said paperwork and forms are currently in the hands of the Omani officials and we awaiting final visas and labour clearances.  This process is supposed to take up to five weeks for Richard’s stuff and about 1-2 weeks for his accompanying family.

3.  Originally, when we contacted the PDO International School, they had confirmed a spot for Matthew, our middle son, if we could be in the country at the end of March.  I assume the spot is held until then, because term three starts at the beginning of April.  Another email inquiry just two days ago has discovered that Ethan and James can also attend the school!  Yeah, this is a huge answer to prayer!

4.  All required medical checks, immunizations and other necessary appointments such as visits to the optometrist and the home school liason have been completed.  It seems as though we have done all we can do on our end to move this entire process forward.

5.  We have our house on the market and we have been busy with showings, trying to get this place sold, before we have to leave the country.  No, ,we have not had any offers yet, but we have had between 25-30 showings in less than a month.

So, what are we doing in the mean time?  Trying to be patient.  We are doing school with the boys, running errands, keeping the house tidy, trying not to spend money, playing games, enjoying the snow and living our lives while the days and weeks slip by.  Trust me, we’ll let y’all know something, anything, as soon as we know anything!




4 thoughts on “Trying to get Some Answers!

  1. Sitting in Blackpoint tonight…wishing Viatori and crew were here! We think of you often and with big smiles. Keeping your family in our prayers and hoping you get answers soon!!!!

    • Say Hi to Lorraine for us! We miss you guys and miss the life. Glad to hear from you. I really need a dinghy ride!

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