An Update

We have some good news!

Our house has officially sold!  We accepted an offer, passed the home inspection and possession is April 15!  We are very glad that everything went through and are very pleased with the final offer.  A big shout out and thank you to our realtor, Michelle, from Rock Pointe Realty.  She did it again!

Richard finally got through to someone in Muscat, regarding our visas.  Apparently the paperwork is being held up by the Ministry of Manpower.  This government body doesn’t necessarily want another expat to come to their country and take an Omani job, so they hang on to your paperwork until they deem fit to either approve or deny it.  Because Richard has an actual bachelor’s degree, it is unlikely that we will be denied, but until they give their official stamp, we wait.  There was a little mixup with the actual job posting, but even that has been resolved!

We have gotten frustrated with waiting around for visas so we are moving forward; to Georgetown, Exumas for a reunion with some of our cruising friends!  We leave April 7th, arrive April 8 and we get to stay for around ten days.  Some of our cruising friends from the boats Oh My and Celebration have very graciously agreed to host us and the boys are so excited!  After Georgetown, we are heading to Costa Rica to bide our time until we receive the final word from Oman.

The adventure continues!


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  1. Yea! So happy for your family❤️only wish we were there to see you all in Georgetown. Know you will have a great time and can’t wait to see you guys in a few years on board Viatori too! Love and miss you guys.

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