James’ View of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a lot like Cuba…

because it is busy.  It has a lot of cars and traffic.  Some days we just stay at home.  We play bum’s up and we play with Domingo, the cat.  At the house, we found fireflies, spiders, a scorpion and a great number of moths.  The best thing about the house is that it is very roomy and we have some animals on our yard, a dog and the cat.


Domingo sleeping on Dad’s backpack

Our family has gone to lots of parks.  Some with statues, some with fountains and all of them with pigeons.  The pigeons are very tame and mostly stay where people are selling food.

One day, we visited the Museo Nacional in San Jose.  The museum itself is an old fort, where the old Costa Rican army used to live.  When you first come in, you walk through a butterfly garden.  My favorite butterfly was a big Morpho with bright blue wings on the inside and moth-looking on the outside.  Next, you go to part of the old fort.  We saw old jail cells for bad soldiers and the old latrines or bathrooms.  After that, we went to the displays of the indigenous people where we saw golden frogs, pottery and how they buried people.



Museo Nacional


Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho Closed

Blue Morpho Closed



If you ever come to Costa Rica, make sure you visit the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica.  It was kind of hard to find, but it was worth the trip.  Costa Rica is an interesting country.


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