Life as we know it

Well, there is no turning back now; we have hired a housekeeper. His name is Moidu and he comes twice a week for four hours and cleans my house from top to bottom. He is originally from India, but has lived and worked in Oman for twenty years. His wife, children and grandchildren still live in India and he visits once or twice a year, usually during the summer for six weeks.


I was introduced to him by Donna, another Canadian expat that we met. Moidu vacuums, washes the floors, dusts every surface and cleans the bathrooms. On the second day he washes windows, does some ironing and other deep cleaning.  I have even seen him pick up the boy’s lego! I have talked to him about that and told him not to; as sorting and cleaning it up is one of the things the boys are responsible for, but I still catch him occasionally.

I never thought I would need or want someone in my house, making my bed and cleaning my toilets, but now I look forward to Sunday and Wednesday afternoons! When he is finished, my house is sparkling clean and it smells good, too. I actually folded and put away five loads of laundry while Moidu was here and I picked up and tidied the house while he cleaned it.

Hiring outside help is easy and cheap to do here and it is encouraged and almost expected. Quite a few people have a gardener, everyone has a housekeeper and many have a live in nanny, even if only one parent is working. Most expat people are surprised to hear that we don’t have a live in maid or nanny, especially with three little boys, but I am happy with my twice a week housekeeper.

I am not sure what changed between here and living in Canada and doing it all myself, but it sure frees up my week to volunteer at the school, take tennis lessons and even go back to teaching part time. It is very dusty here as well and none of the doors are weather sealed so when it is really windy, my front door actually blows open and in comes all the dust from the air.

I will also just say, that I am blessed. Blessed to be living in a beautiful country, blessed to have the resources to hire help and blessed to do the things I am doing while we are here. And yes, I will even go so far as to say I am spoiled…

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