Not quite a Pic a Day

I started the month thinking I would take my new-ish, Fuji mirrorless camera every where I went and for the most part I did.  My goal was to take one picture a day to record a memory or a significant event that day.  Most of the time I succeeded but sometimes I didn’t.  Here they are:


Everyday the sun sets behind the ridge. I took this on a bike ride with Ethan. It has taken several tries to find the optimum loop, bike half way up a hill, coast down and then half way back up to get home.




At Scotford to avoid slipping on the ice, we used to say “don’t take goat paths” meaning unshoveled paths after a snow fall. Here in Oman there is a great goat path to the parking lot where lime trees growth. I take it sometimes because it is serene and quick because you can avoid having to dodge through crowds of slow moving people.


Stuck in a 2 day people processes training course. Semi-interesting with case studies of some of the issues that have arisen here. On our 1.5 hour lunch I wandered about and found this drainage ditch.


Still training, next day I found a garden complete with drip irragation and rows of raised dirt (furrows) in behind the shell building. This was some kind of creeping melon plant that was climbing (and choking out) more local stuff.


Morning on the weekend -BLTs. That is bacon from Canada bought in 2015! Still yummy!


Book week, every dressing up as a character. Leah made this awesome head for Matty.


Calvin (and hobbes), Lego Guy and a Ninja.


Canadian Stampede, an annual party that I was chair of the committee for this year. 2 days of work to set it up.


Tear down the next day… Some people a little worse for wear.  Not me though – 5 or 6 bottle of water saved the day.


A hat makes homework better, funnier, easier? First thing I saw when I walked in the door.


Christina’s garage. They gave us some pallets which will become furniture (some day) before they moved to Netherlands. They were here 2 years, a little ahead of us. Leah and I can’t imagine having to leave already.


West and Mid-east collide… in fashion especially. All we ever see is shoes, bags and what’s on sale.


David Baker’s birthday camping trip. Steaks over an open fire in the wadi, GT’s and great chats. Loved the music heckling and especially skipping rocks – took 2 weeks for my wrist to feel normal again.


Wadi hiking with Mike after the B-day camping. The scenery (.)(.) was amazing.


Rough day getting ready for the directors. Mishal my co-worker and I set up the presentation on “how we are doing”


Had an impromptu post Stampede meeting at the coffee shop at the club… Needed a moment staring at the ocean to remind myself how great it is here despite the costs.


Dan’s first day back after months of time away sick.


I am reminded that people are people. Attended an awards ceremony and retirement for one of the directors – complete with the best speech I’ve heard in Oman – from his administrative assistant. She was excellent – I said to my colleagues that is the best part of humanity up there.

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