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You don’t go to Nepal without doing some kind of trek….

We wanted to experience trekking in Nepal because that is one of the biggest attractions here.  With our crew we decided to pick a relatively easy itinerary which was smart.  Total distance was about 12 km and about 2500 meters of vertical half up and half down.

We got to see a small part of the Annapurna Circuit, visit rural Nepali farming villages and try Dal Bhat.  Our guide was named Vishnu and he was an excellent resource for any kind of question we wanted to ask.  The porters all didn’t say much and we aren’t really sure how much english they understood.

hiking route2

Our route we usually would complete the leg in the morning and then day hike in the afternoon. First day we climbed 1000m in 2.5km, second day was flatter but our day hike was about 400m round trip and the third day we descended about 700m.


Our hotel… Each room was two or three beds and we all shared a toilet with the other clients at the end of the balcony though there were no other tenants on our floor. Rent was something like $3 a day.


On easy treks there is a lot of down time to chat, debate, meet people from all over the world and play games.

After our hike the adults would hang out and the kids would pay guns running up and down terraces around the hotel.

After our hike the adults would hang out and the kids would pay guns running up and down terraces around the hotel.


Dal Bhat with chicken curry. We ate this at east once per day with trekking. “Dal Bhat Power 24 hour” is a saying around here.


On this circuit a lot of the trails were made of these stones. These have been built by locals with funding from tourist boards. We crossed a construction crew on our first day building a portion of trail, all hand tools and bull-work.


Going down might be harder on you then up. Jury is out.  Nepali flat is the worst through; “A little up, a little down”


Dhampus, the town we stayed in the second night.  About 800 people live here.


Our best view of the mountains while trekking… :(


Trying the local spirit made from millet. To save money the hotel owner waters it down so that you get all of the awful taste with none of the burn. It was brutal.



Go Fish

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The crew. Vishnu in red was our guide and the others were our porters.

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