Camping in Jebel Shams

We took our Kia up Jebel Shams and ended camping on a real rocky site.  There were a ton of scorpions under the rocks so we made sure to wear gloves when we shifted them.  The Kia once again did very well climbing up the hill.  Most people here think a Kia Sorrento can’t go…


Boat Trip to Dimaniat Islands

We went with the Anderson’s on a boat trip out to the Dimaniat Islands to check out the awesome snorkeling. We almost had the whole boat to ourselves. It was whale shark season and we were on the look out to see some but no luck this time.


August Pictures

A few pictures from the last half of the summer.  We went to Shangri-La Hotel for a weekend, said goodbye to some friends who are moving to Kazakhstan and celebrated Julia’s first birthday.


Walt Disney Paris

On the way back from Belgium to France we stopped at Baie de Somme, but the weather was awful so we continued back towards Paris.  Too bad, because many of the people we talked to said Somme was beautiful when the weather was nice.  Instead of waiting out the weather we went back to our…