Camping in Jebel Shams

We took our Kia up Jebel Shams and ended camping on a real rocky site.  There were a ton of scorpions under the rocks so we made sure to wear gloves when we shifted them.  The Kia once again did very well climbing up the hill.  Most people here think a Kia Sorrento can’t go the places we take ours and are surpirsed when we show up in it.
This time we needed to pull over once to cool the engine even with manual operation of the AC, on when its flat and off when climbing.  Some of the grades were incredibly steep and on dirt which even here is unusual.  Normally steep stuff is paved with concrete in various states of repair.  Our campsite road was rough and the low clearance of the Kia meant a nearly continuous scraping sound as we slowly drove the last 1 km to the site on a rock track.  Bump, cringe, ouch, rub dash reassuringly, repeat.


DSCF8733 DSCF8735 DSCF8740

DSCF8750 DSCF8748

Camping was great.  We stayed two nights with a nice easy flat hike planned for the second day.  It was Nepali flat, a little up a little down; we did end at a really cool abandoned village which we later learned you can climb above and swim in a pool.  Next time I want to see the book before we commit to an “easy” hike Jenny  😉



Just to the right of Leah’s head is the village under an over hang. Below and to the right is a series of terraces.





It would been a lot better if we had set out right away in the morning instead of waiting for the others to pack up and leave.  Also we should have brought triple the amount of water we had.  Lesson learned.



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