Zanzibar – Boat Ride Picture Post

Mango Bomba, the most ghetto boat I’ve ever sailed in.  We took this traditional vessel for a trip between the islands for snorkeling and a private lunch.  There was no sailing and a storm but a day on the water is better than one in the office.


While travelling to the snorkel spot and after snorkeling it was windy and rainy. On the sand bar groups of tourists were huddled under tarps, our Captain wanted to know if wanted to join them. We gave that plan was a hard pass.  Could of used the “nice” grey boat tent in the background though.

The rain was cold…

and  the wind strong

The snorkeling was very similar to Oman, but each fish was just a little different than the ones we see here.

Clown Fish

James swimming to the clown fish. He’s almost ready to start carrying weights.

They laid out a massive spread at the site of a failed restaurant development. It was a private picnic of the Winkel’s while the Captain and the two cooks we had left here earlier relaxed in the shade.

The food was mostly sea food but we tried everything. The calamari and the lobster were the favorites. There was a curry and rice which was excellent too.

Baobab tree.

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