My First Wahiba Challenge

When you come to Oman, people tell you to buy a jeep so you can do the Wahiba Challenge, but I didn’t. Instead I bought a Ford Focus expecting to hitch a ride with someone for the challenge while not really making an effort of joining a team. Thankfully a ride fell into my lap…


Camping in Jebel Shams

We took our Kia up Jebel Shams and ended camping on a real rocky site.  There were a ton of scorpions under the rocks so we made sure to wear gloves when we shifted them.  The Kia once again did very well climbing up the hill.  Most people here think a Kia Sorrento can’t go…


Boat Trip to Dimaniat Islands

We went with the Anderson’s on a boat trip out to the Dimaniat Islands to check out the awesome snorkeling. We almost had the whole boat to ourselves. It was whale shark season and we were on the look out to see some but no luck this time.