Walt Disney Paris

On the way back from Belgium to France we stopped at Baie de Somme, but the weather was awful so we continued back towards Paris.  Too bad, because many of the people we talked to said Somme was beautiful when the weather was nice.  Instead of waiting out the weather we went back to our…

Dabbing is the best.. not really.

A few days in London

When we went to Oman the very first time, we flew via Bahrain and the airport felt like a hole. This time it felt like a modern place, maybe we were less tired or maybe it was because we were in a different part of the airport. We had enough time to get McDonald’s, get…


Rome picture post 2

We spend the next few days touring the Spanish Steps which were closed, a chill afternoon in Villa Borghese park and then went Biking the Appian Way!  My first time on a road that is 2300 years old!!