Hawaii – the big island

It’s been two weeks since our return from Hawaii, and I haven’t written anything. Pictures are editted and ready but still nothing written. Now I sit in an airport waiting for the last few passengers to get to the airport so we can leave. I just read Mark Manson’s post called Just do something (rated…


Birthday’s, Turkey and Flat Stanley

October was about Turkey and Birthday’s! Matty celebrated a late birthday party because we were in Thailand during his actually birthday. A friend Aisha had a Dr. Who Weeping Angel party and the PDO Club Canadian Section, which I am treasurer of, organized a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for about 150 people.


Alberta 2016 – picture post

Pictures from Thailand AND Amsterdam are piling up, I’ve been lazy/busy after vacation, insert another excuse that you’ll believe…. the final installment of pictures from the Canadian portion of our summer trip.