Camping in Jebel Shams

We took our Kia up Jebel Shams and ended camping on a real rocky site.  There were a ton of scorpions under the rocks so we made sure to wear gloves when we shifted them.  The Kia once again did very well climbing up the hill.  Most people here think a Kia Sorrento can’t go…


Birthday’s, Turkey and Flat Stanley

October was about Turkey and Birthday’s! Matty celebrated a late birthday party because we were in Thailand during his actually birthday. A friend Aisha had a Dr. Who Weeping Angel party and the PDO Club Canadian Section, which I am treasurer of, organized a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for about 150 people.


One Year in Oman

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our move to Oman!  We headed to the beach to take a few family pictures in the fading light.