In the Bahamas we had a “pet” turtle, everyday a turtle would show up around 9:00 spend about an half and hour browsing the grass below us and then move on. Leah and I would usually be having coffee and we would hear the turtle come up for breathes, usually 3 at a time, every…


Birthday’s, Turkey and Flat Stanley

October was about Turkey and Birthday’s! Matty celebrated a late birthday party because we were in Thailand during his actually birthday. A friend Aisha had a Dr. Who Weeping Angel party and the PDO Club Canadian Section, which I am treasurer of, organized a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner for about 150 people.


Ayutthaya – Picture Post

Our destination by boat was a Ayutthaya, famous for its temples and the former center of power for Thailand until the Burmese destroyed in the 1600s.  Our hotel had great food, there were elephant rides, ice cream and ruins – the highlight for the kids (nope).