Changing Course

What is so wrong with our life right here and now that Richard feels
the need to leave it?  This sailing adventure began as Richard’s
dream, Richard’s idea and Richard’s adventure.  Why would we pack up
our house, pull the kids out of school and completely uproot our lives
to live on a boat?  The fear of the unknown and the thought of losing
touch with our family and friends was enough for me to say no way, not

The more I thought about it, prayed about it and even read some books
about it, the more the idea of cruising appealed to me.  Our
land-based life is very satisfying, but I think our cruising lifestyle
will offer us something else entirely.  No other lifestyle lends
itself to spending pure, quality time with our boys.  Swimming with
them, learning with them, playing with them and experiencing new and
exciting things with them.  It is our plan to do a mix of some
home-schooling by focusing on language arts and mathematics and some
un-schooling by just allowing what we see and do to determine what we
study and learn for the day or the week.  No other lifestyle will
allow us to see and experience things that others only dream of.  The
people, the cultures, the food and the sights are something that we
and our boys will never forget (well, unfortunately, Ethan might).  No
other lifestyle will encourage us to commune with God through his
beautiful creation as seen in the Caribbean and other parts of the
world.  No other lifestyle will allow us to simplify our lives quite
like the cruising life.

There will still be laundry to do, beds to make and dishes to wash.
The kids will still get hyper, whiny and tired.  We may all need a
time out or a nap!

We are not quitting our lives, we are just changing course for a little while.


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