Summer 2013 Pics

Some highlights from our Summer (Now that I can post pictures)

Swimming Lessons

IMG_6095 IMG_6084

Karen and Doug’s Wedding


Family Desolation Sound Trip



Crossing the Georgia Strait on the last day.  8 days in close quarters and we still like each other




Ethan on “Tamra Rock” in between Melanie and Laura Cove

IMG_5771 IMG_5729

IMG_5691Refuge Cove in the morning.    




Richard’s Desolation Sound Trip

P1060239 After 36 miles on the first day we anchored in Galley Bay, I was the only one on our trip that would swim.  




IMG_4770The good ship Lila our Beneteau 343.P1060838 





Tamra, Chris and I in the Toba Inlet


Drift Wood for Tamra…






P1060790    P1060781 

Over Canvassed in the Toba Inlet

P1060163The boat that I tried to convince Leah to buy, her response: “Hell no!!”



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