First few days on Oahu

We made it late on the first day to the Pipeline House.  Mom was waiting on the side of the road (sounds bad  😉 for us.   She had a gut feeling it was time to wait for us and was outside for less than 5 mintues before we drove up, perfect timing Mom!

Ethan woke up the first day with a bunch of bites on his face – this prompted a bed bug hunt which proved to be unsuccessful, thank goodness.  We decided it was either the playpen he used for only the first night or a bunch of bugs that got into the house before we were there, mostly likely sand flies which we would seen thousands of a few days later when we left the lights on and the doors open.


Bug bites… faded now

The next few days were all about swimming in the waves with the kids while they were low at the house, and swimming in the waves without the kids when they were high.

YouTube Preview Image



Kevin in the waves


Doug body surfing


The classic Doug “it`s a wave, I`ll jump on it“


Kev in the surf

Then I got an ear infection and got to try out the dreaded American health care system… Richard`s experience: same as Canada as long as you have a credit card,  at least for a normal doctor visit and a antibiotic prescription.  Likely the same if you have benefits from work.  No more swimming for Richard for at least a week  :(

Ethan had a nap on the beach.


Once the waves became to big to swim at the house on the North Shore we went to the leeward side of the island where the waves were smaller.  James went in and body surfed with Doug and Karen and Char and Emil.  Matthew played the age old game of run toward the water and then run away from the waves as they come in.


Matty having a great time chasing the waves


James coming out after a wave ride.


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