For Doug

I love how different cultures can be from each other.  We may not understand and might even find it a little comical but for them it was normal and we shouldn’t judge them for that.  The world will be a better place if we all have a little patience for differences between each other.  We are all human and are all in this world together….

While we were staying at Pipeline house a couple came up to our stairs.  These are stairs that lead from the house to the beach and are not really intended or convenient for public use because you can`t get to the street from them.  The man was about to go surfing and his wife wanted to watch.  We initially were going to let them know where those stairs went, but they never actually wanted to use them…  what they actually were looking for was shade with a view of surfing and the trees around the stairs are like a cave.  The man assisted his wife in setting up at the base of the stairs nearly buried under the trees and went surfing.  For a while she watched and videoed the surfing but soon fell asleep.


Our guest for the afternoon. Occasionally a video camera would pop up from behind the umbrella

It was odd for us because all around her were the Winkel clan moving up and down the stairs and enjoying the beach while she remained near motionless and silent.  It became very apparent that she was in for the long haul and would not initiate a conversation even though she did speak english, so we let her be and quickly continued with the enjoyment of a beautiful day in Hawaii.


Hanging out at pipeline… our guest on the right of the stairs


Doug getting buried

Ethan playing under the tree.  All you need is sand and a bucket of water for hours of fun.

Ethan playing under the tree. All you need is sand and a bucket of water for hours of fun.


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  1. Have loved catching up on your travel adventures and preparations! Looks like a great way to start your year with family…you are in our thoughts…praying for you as you begin this chapter in your lives. Love ya!

    • We are pumped to be here. Hawaii was great and our travel days were not too bad. We are so glad that we can use this as a way to keep up with you all.

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