A Personal Narrative

So this is what James and Matthew worked on for school this morning.

James is a blonde boy who is 4’5″ tall with green eyes.  He is eight years old and in Grade 3.  He is the oldest in his family with a Dad, Mom, and two little brothers names Matthew and Ethan.  His friends are Gabe and Jesse.

James lives on a 39 foot boat.  His hobbies are reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid, playing lego and swimming.  He likes to read, swim, play hockey, and watch tv.  He also likes lasagna, power boats and Star Wars!  He dislikes school, girls, sailboats, the movie Elf and perogies.  In the future he would like to work at Superstore as a cashier and at Subway.  He has informed us that we will not be getting married, but will live as a bachelor with his friend, Gabe!




Matthew is a six year old with turquoise eyes and light brown hair.  He is 3 feet and 11 inches tall and in grade one.  He is the middle kid with a Dad named Richard, a mom, Leah, and a big brother James and a little brother named Ethan.  At the monent, Matthew lives on a 39 foot sailboat, at a marina in Key Largo, Florida.

Matthew’s hobbies are to build and play lego and play Star Wars.  He also likes to scooter, swim and play at the pool, draw and he wishes he could play video games.  He likes anything Star Wars, he also likes freighters, movies, hockey and soccer.  His favorite meal is fish and chips and his favorite colors are teal and red and any Darth Vader color.  He does not like speed boats, because they run out of gas so fast, perogies or getting woken up in the morning by his little brother.

Matthew says he will get married and have one boy.  He wants to work at McDonald’s because people love to eat there and he would also like to be a truck driver.  He wants to be like his Opa when he grows up, because his Opa can turn his whole hand around, but he doesn’t want to work like his Opa!




Well, there you have it folks, everything you wanted to know about Matthew and James.  Maybe you even learned something new!


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  1. Ah, again I see my question is answered by the next blog! Wonderful description, boys! Are there drawings to go along with these stories?

    ….And…come on, James! Perogies are the best!!! :) You’ll have to come visit so that we can make a Ukrainian out of you!

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