What is “The Drift”


Ever seen a leaf floating on the surface of a slow moving stream? This leaf never exceeds the speed of the water and never goes slower than the water immediately at the surface of the stream. The speed and direction which the leaf travels is entirely up to the stream; if the stream washes the leaf onto a rock or the bank the leaf does nothing to remain moving. The leaf doesn’t ever decide where it goes or how fast it gets there. It follows where the stream leads and doesn’t question the streams intention or goals.

Like the leaf it is quite easy to get caught up in life and live each day without an overall plan how we will spend our lives. You live each day doing what you must to sustain the life you have and maintain the course you have plotted through life. We surround ourselves with people who are on the same path as us so all seems well. Barring catastrophe, you can with a reasonable level of accuracy predict what your life will look like in 5, 10 and 20 years. You may have dreams that do not fit into the current course of life such as climbing Mount Everest, journeying to the centre of the Amazon or writing a bestselling novel but these rarely will come to fruition as the cares of life get in the way.

Exceeding the drift is about finding your dream and then making a sharp turn off your current path and heading in a new and completely different direction. It is about living your life on purpose, slowing the passage of the years and ignoring what is “normal”.

“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” – Shing Xiong 

5 thoughts on “What is “The Drift”

  1. It takes guts to shift gears and make your own course, especially with wee ones. Cruising has a steep learning curve, as you know! You’re giving your boys a great example for their lives. Chart your own course and lean in! It’s a great life! So great to meet you folks! I’ll enjoy seeing where you go from here. Adorable boys. I’m a mom of 3 boys myself, so I’m a fan already. 🙂 safe cruising, safe sailing!

    • Thanks again for all the help. It is a great life, the highs are high and the lows are low but that is probably what makes it great.

    • Been meaning to drop you a line. The board you gave us has been great fun behind the dinghy. Keep in touch.

  2. Thank you again for keeping such a wonderful Blog!! Looks like you are really enjoying your Beneteau 393!!
    By the way, I’m adding that quote by Shing Xiong to my collection!
    I love keeping in touch with the folks I’ve assisted in purchasing their boat, (just had a client weather Hurricane Arthur in NC on a Fountaine-Pajot Catamaran whom I helped prepare for the 101 knots gusts they weathered thru without injury or damage) and your blog did a wonderful job doing that.. Can’t tell you how many smiles & silent “way to go!!” moments while I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures… swimming pigs, Cuba coastlines, learning the ropes & does and don’t of sailing cruising life … just amazing!
    I look forward to seeing you in Fort Lauderdale soon!!
    Your Yacht Broker,

    Capt James Fachtmann – 954-SEA-LUCK – jfachtmann@floridayacht.com

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